Catering Equipment

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We sell a wide range of products to the catering and hygiene markets including kitchen equipment, wipes, cleaning fluids Recently added purified distilled water for steam cleaning and other applications.


Everyone loves parties, events, weddings, and business banquets. Often, it is a practical thing to cater an event, save money and utilize catering equipment. Now, catering equipment is marvellous. We live in an age where tools and fancy restaurant equipment is not only rentable, purchasable, but downright amazing. The very selection of commercial cooking equipment, restaurant equipment, and commercial kitchen equipment is at your fingertips. There is no reason your event, should ever be found in the wanting!

Now, whether you are seeking commercial kitchen equipment or commercial cooking equipment you've just aligned yourself with a plethora of commercial kitchen appliances, products, and needs for that special event, whether it be a wedding, corporate celebration, or a symposium.


When you are running a commercial kitchen you might know what you need, but the key is to purchase equipment that is highly efficient. Commercial appliances range from stove top appliances, toasters, griddles, and even induction apparatus. Then, there is the refrigerated category. Refrigerated appliances are not a difficult purchase, the key is to make sure you have adequate space in your cooking or storage area. Another vital area of equipment is the food warming apparatus. After all, no one likes to eat cold food whether you are at a catered affair, or even a buffet. Cold food changes the mood of the ambiance. Moreover, when considering beverage machines, you should make sure your purchases include sanitary guidelines for your guests.

Lastly, when you buy expensive restaurant equipment you will want to know you have the best customer support available! Some caterers purchase good quality and heavy machinery which is second hand, but in fantastic condition. You will want to buy from a reputable equipment supplier, who truly cares about your catering venture. So, from the kitchen sink (a commercial one, that to commercial dishwashers, check for promotions and discounts for your equipment. Check out for warranties.


Happy Catering!