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Distilled Water 25L (25 Litre) - Pure Steam Distilled Water 25 Ltr

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Buy Distilled Water 25L supplied in 5 x 5 litre HDPE containers.

Our pure distilled water 25L is manufactured to the highest standards using a multistage filtration process including steam distillation. The process we use removes a large percentage of contaminants such as dissolved solids and is capable of killing most bacteria and viruses if present.

  • Very Low EC / PPM / TDS
  • Batch tested for quality
  • EC 3.85 μS/cm (typical)
  • pH 6.21 (typical)
  • Made in the UK
  • 25 Litres (5 x 5L)
  • Steam distilled


Distilled water 25 litre is excellent for mixing and formulation, it leaves no residue when it evaporates due to the lack of minerals. Distilled water 25L has a wide range of applications including scientific, commercial and household uses. Here is a list of some of the common applications but this is by no means exhaustive; autoclave's, ultrasonic cleaning, humidifier supply, laboratory glass cleaning, printing solutions, hydroponics, battery maintenance, prevention of furring and scale formation in irons.

Pure steam distilled water (Also referred to a dH2O water) can also be used instead of de-ionized water.


Distilled water is technically classed as a solvent and has some unique properties due to being almost completely depleted of minerals, which puts it into an unstable state where it wants to absorb anything soluble that comes into contact with it. For this reason, it is not advisable to drink distilled water as it can deplete the body of minerals very quickly.

The steam distillation process heats the pre-purified feed water to boiling point at which point the liquid turns into vapour, this is then condensed back into a liquid which leaves behind dissolved solids and kills most bacteria and viruses.


We batch test to ensure consistent high quality before packaging the distilled water in HDPE 5 litre jerrycans with tamper-evident caps.


Distilled Water 25 Litre Specifications

EC 3.85 μS/cm @ 25°C (typical)
pH 6.21 25°C (typical)
Purification Method Steam Distillation
CAS number 7732-18-5
EINECS (EC) number 231-791-2
Molecular Formula H2O
Molecular Weight 18.015 g/mol
Container HDPE (5L)
Container Cap Type Tamper Evident
Size 25 Litres


Also available in 10 Litre Distilled Water. 


Types of distillation

There are two main types of distillation –

  1. Steam distillation
  2. Vacuum distillation

Before we discuss the two different types it is important to note that the boiling point of water can be increased or decreased by increasing or decreasing the pressure. For example atmospheric pressure at sea level is 15 psi and water will boil at 100°C. However if you were to climb a high mountain you would notice that water would boil at a lower temperature. The lower the pressure the lower the boiling point of water.


Vacuum distillation; is where a liquid is put in an airtight vessel then put under a negative pressure using a vacuum system. The water vapour is then collected and re-condensed into a liquid form.

Steam distillation; is where a liquid is heated to its boiling point, the water vapour is then collected and condensed back into liquid. An additional benefit of steam distillation is boiling the water will kill almost all bacteria and viruses. There are some bacteria and viruses that are resistant to heat and require additional purification methods such as those used for purifying water for injections.



What is distilled water?

Distilled water is water that has been purified using a distillation process. The H2O is essentially split from other molecules in the water resulting in a high level of purity.



How is distilled water made?

Normal water is heated to boiling point when the water turns into vapour it is then condensed back into a liquid form leaving behind a large percentage of contaminants.



Is boiled water the same as distilled water?

No, boiled water and vapour distilled water are two different things although they are often confused. Boiling water for an extended time does help to purify it but it does not remove dissolved solids.



Can I drink distilled water?

There are many differing schools of thought on drinking distilled water. Although it is only a purified version of H2O it is generally not considered safe to drink as it lacks the minerals the body needs to function and in fact is capable of depleting your body of minerals very quickly.



What is distilled water mostly used for?

The three most common uses of distilled water are

  1. cleaning applications such as ultrasonic and steam cleaners
  2. mixing and dilution of chemicals
  3. watering exotic plants



Can you buy distilled water in the UK?

Yes distilled water is widely available in the United Kingdom.  De-ionised water is more common in the UK and shouldn't be confused with distilled water, they are two different things.

You can buy 25 litre distilled water online here.



Is deionised water the same as distilled water?

Distilled water and deionized water are not the same although they do have similarities. De-ionised water is produced using ion-exchange beds and pulls out most dissolve solids, but isn’t very effective at removing viruses and bacteria. Distilled water is produced by converting water into water vapour subsequently leaving behind contaminants and killing most bacteria and viruses with the heat used in the distillation process.



Is it ok to use distilled water for plants?

Purified distilled water is normally good for plants but it is important to note that distilled water contains very little if any goodness which may be required by the plant. Subsequently you may need to deliver the nutrients in an alternative way. So you should seek specialist advice.



Is it ok to use distilled water for irons?

Absolutely, in fact using distilled water for steam irons is one of the most common uses of distilled water.



Can I make distilled water at home?

Although it is possible to make distilled water in a DIY fashion it is generally not recommended.



Wholesale distilled water

We do supply distilled water to the wholesale market, please contact our sales team.



Distilled water cost

Distilled water by definition is expensive and time consuming to manufacture, additionally if there are pre and post purification process is used this can substantially increase the cost.



Cheap distilled water

Be aware of cheap purified water that claims to be distilled, deionised water is often sold as distilled and therefore can be sold at a fraction of the price. Be sure to check the description carefully to ensure what you are buying is true distilled water.



Distilled water for cpap

It is important to use distilled water for cpap machines due to its purity.



Distilled water for cleaning

Distilled water has many uses in cleaning including steam cleaning, diluting cleaning chemicals and much more.



Distilled water for autoclaves

It is important to use water without minerals for autoclaving as it does not leave residue due to the lack of minerals.



Distilled water for cosmetics

Demineralized water including distilled is used widely in cosmetics for mixing and diluting. 


Distilled water for perfume

Distilled water is used for perfume and other cosmetics. 

Distilled water spray

Distilled water is used in sprays for cleaning.

Distilled water for room spray

Distilled water is used in room sprays.


25 litre distilled water manufactured and bottled in the UK.



Also available in -

5 litre distilled water

10 litre distilled water

20 litre distilled water

25 litre distilled water


Not suitable for drinking or human consumption - Whilst distilled water is considered non-hazardous, it is not suitable for drinking as distillation takes out minerals normally in drinking water.